Mortgage Brokerage

5 Reasons to Hire HREC Capital Markets Group

  1. Industry Relationships:  Due to our history of effective debt placements, we have gained the trust of the hotel lending community, and as such the client benefits from the attention we get from senior executives at those lending platforms.  This includes the ability to gain the best possible rates and terms from lenders due to the volume of business they do with HREC®.  The ability to access the right person and a track record of working together on past placements translates to the best possible execution for the clients. 

  2. Save Time:  Since we have regular interaction with a wide variety of Lenders, this process saves time from having to research and call multiple lenders.  An informed mortgage broker can also help with navigating the terms of each lender, steering clients away from those who are not the right fit and moving quickly to a Term Sheet, through Due Diligence and Loan Documents, and to a final Funding.  This is particularly important on placing acquisition loans, as Sellers want Buyers who can perform under tight timeframes and it is important for the Buyer to know he has a loan in place before going hard on an Acquisition.

  3. Hotel Market and Asset Knowledge:  As HREC® has 17 offices in the United States and has orchestrated over 800 transactions, there are very few markets we are not familiar with.  We are a National Platform with Local Market Knowledge.  This is critical in educating and gaining the trust of Lenders.  It is a particular advantage for the Buyer and Seller of an asset we are Brokering to retain us for debt placements due to our pre-packed marketing book, data room and knowledge of the market and asset, as well as the value indicated by the marketing process for obtaining the right appraised value and meeting Lender LTV criteria.

  4. A Greater Selection:  HREC®  works actively with over 100 Lenders focused on the hotel sector.  This included Balance Sheet Lenders, Conduit Lenders, Life Companies, Bridge Lenders, Debt Funds, Mezz Lenders and Preferred Equity Investors.  We know what each lender has to offer and at least one team member of HREC is assigned to every Lender we work with to make sure we are current on the relationship and have a clear understanding of their lending programs and current lending criteria.

  5. Access to Additional Services:  HREC® is one of the top hotel brokerage and advisory firms in the world.  We offer an Advisory approach to working with our clients to ensure their long term success.  In addition to our consulting, mortgage and property brokerage experience, the team members of HREC Capital Markets Group have owned hotels, developed hotels, been principals in hotel management companies, started hotel companies and brands and have worked in a wide range of hotel industry positions.  We make this intellectual capital available to our clients to ensure they are getting the best possible advise and service.  Your success equals our success. 


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